Thoughts on this offer I got

12 team league… 0.5 PPR (currently 1-2 record, after losing last week by 1 point)

Lineup starts 2 RBs, 2 WRs, and 1 RB/WR flex

My team should hopefully be adding Kupp back soon but my TE has been brutal.

I got an offer to:

Give - MSanders/Freiermuth
Get - Hockenson

My current roster is:

QB - Tua, Burrow
RB - CMC, JConner, MSanders, ZMoss, RJohnson, JKelley, KMiller
WR - Kupp (IR), Waddle, Atwell, TDell
TE - Freiermuth


It would be a real blow to your RB depth, but a definite TE upgrade.

I’m not a big TE guy, so I probly wouldn’t, but if you do, I guess you’re hoping that Taylor either sits or gets traded, so that Moss will have value after this week–because all you have are backup RBs behind CMC and Conner if not.

It’s a fair trade offer. You’d have to fill your flex with a WR for sure. Sanders has better days ahead this year, so would be tough to give up given your lack of RB depth (bottom 4 are fairly useless). But if you’re comfortable with Conner being your RB2, then go for it.