HELP PLEASE. Need to Decide today!

I have been offered the following:

Purdy, J Taylor, Ayuik and Kicaid. I trade away my 2 main assets Hurts & Lamb. The rest of my team is the following: Waddle, Mike Evans, Sutton, Swift. The reason why i am considering this trade is i get a great TE and i get a good RB2. Right now my RB2 is Henderson and Allgier. I need RB2 badly. I feel this will balance my team. Should i do it? Thoughts anyone?

Side note - I also have another guy who said that if i do end up do the trade above, he would offer me Stroud and Adams for Purdy and Waddle. Thoughts???


It’s not bad.

Purdy should be steady eddy 18-20 points for the rest of season. Jonathan Taylor gives you a big upgrade over Henderson and Allegeir. Where I lose interest is in giving up Ceedee Lamb and getting back Ayuik and Kincaid. Ayuik, IDK what hes going to do every week and Kincaid may lose targets to Dawson Knox upon his return.

It’s interesting. If you need to shake it up I could see you going for it, but trading Hurts & Lamb should get you an absolute stud game changer back and you do not have that here.

If you do go through with it, I’d steer far away from Stroud and Adams rest of season.

He also said he can do Mixon, Kincaid and Ayuik just for Lamb. So instead of JT its mixon and no purdy or hurts involved.

Side question - If i do end up accepting the trade, If i can trade away Kincaid somehow to get LaPorta, should i? Do you think Knox will get involved again?

To me, you’d be trading a purring Corvette for a bunch of Corvette parts that might get you a reliable Toyota. What’s your record currently?

I understand the want to get an RB2, but can you do that without trading away Lamb? A WR room of Lamb, Sutton & Waddle looks pretty good, but Waddle, Evans and Sutton not so much.

I don’t think Knox comes in and cripples Kincaid, but he’s not going to come in and not at least get a few targets per game. Kincaid seems like a safe set it and forget it for the rest of the year to me. Laporta and he are somewhat equal.

I am sitting at 4-6.

Your forgetting Ayuik if i make the trade. So it would be Ayuik, Evans, Waddle and on bench Sutton.

My issue is i am tired of streaming crappy RB2s on my lineup. I always score 2-8 Fantasy pts if i am lucky. I also do not have a good TE right, i have Conklin.

The only other option i have is try to trade for the Javonte Owner. I can offer him Evans for Javonte & one of his mid tier WRs? But this is not even guaranteed, he never wants to trade. his WRS i can ask for are: Hopkins, Dell, Metcalf, Pittman. Thoughts??

Seems like you want to do it. Go for it man. Shake it up, it could EASILY go in your favor.

I like the one without trading Hurts for Purdy, but I’d see if you can still wrestle Taylor away instead of Mixon.

no thoughts on the Javonte owner trade? It would me reaching out to him. I would def need to offer him Evans and ask for Javonte and one of those WRs, i doubt it would be Pittman. most likley one of the others. But if i did do this route, of course i would NOT do the other trade. I would keep lamb and Hurts

@johncarbonneau What’s wrong with Stroud? The next few games look like a good spot for him.

opinion on my whole issue with the trade offers and options??