Been offered Ayuik, Kincaid & Mixon for Lamb. Help

Should i accept this trade? Been offered Ayuik, Kincaid and Mixon for my Lamb. I can also counter and ask for J Taylor instead of Mixon. Thoughts anyone?

I need a RB2 badly. My current players are: Hurts, Swift, Henderson, Lamb, Waddle, A Cooper, Sutton. and my TE is Shultz. My only concern is my weekly pts will go down i think with losing lamb.


No help from anyone??

Who would you drop to fit everyone?

Well its a change now. I just traded away Amari cooper and Shultz and got Mike Evans. So now the question is Do i trade away Lamb to get Mixon, Kincaid and Ayuik? or trade away Hurts & Lamb and receive Purdy, J Taylor, Ayuik and Kincaid? I do like Taylor way more than Mixon, that is the only thing.


I would make that trade, especially if you counter for JT. I’m also very high on Aiyuk. So I see this as an improvement at RB, TE, and not that big of a drop off at WR.

Taylor, yes or no not enough.