Trade CEH for Aijuk or Lamb?

This is a 10 Team .5 PPR League I was offered Aijuk for CEH this morning. This same guy has CeeDee Lamb and I think I could get him to do CEH for Lamb straight up. I am pretty stacked across my whole team so I dont know if CeeDee Lamb would help my team that much. Thoughts?

My Team:
QB: J. Hurts
QB: T. Tagovailoa
RB: J. Taylor
RB: L. Fournette
RB; J. Robinson
RB: R. Penny
RB: K. Hebert
WR: J. Chase
WR: C. Sutton
WR: K. Allen
WR: D. Hopkins

I don’t think Aiyuk helps you that much, but Lamb immediately becomes your WR2 for a RB you probably won’t start much anyway.

If you can get Lamb, I’d do it, but I would decline Aiyuk.

I would never give you Lamb but would be thrilled to give you Aijuk.

Thanks. I talked with the guy and he said he would be more likely to possible trade me Pittman for CEH. I think that would be a great grab, but having 2 Colts players not ideal. Thoughts?

I bet he would, but I would have a hard time sending a top 5 RB for a struggling WR at this point.

I appreciate your input. I guess I will hold out for other options then. I really have not need to sell him, unless its for a player that will help my team.