New offer! Help

New trade offer is: Trade away Tua, Aaron Jones and Amari Cooper
I receive Hurts, Swift and DK.

But i feel like this doesn’t resolve my 2 RBs spots. If i get rid of Jones for swift, then its just replacing jones. my goal was to keep jones and get rid of Javonte and Kyren. But he doesn;t want javonte or Kyren. Thoughts??? my remaing RBs would be Pierce, Kyren and Javonte. My WRs would go from Cooper, Lamb and Waddle to Lamb, Waddle and DK


EDIT - I ended up doing the trade and here is why and you guys can correct me if i am wrong. Aaron jones health issues still lingering and who knows if when he comes back to play he reinjures it? I am tired of having injuries to my team. Swift is a RB1 hands down. I prefer Cooper over DK, but its not a huge difference, plus the fact that i have Lamb and Waddle on my team too helps. I will miss Tua since he is the #1 QB, But its not like Hurts sucks, he is in the top 5. Thoughts??

Seems like a sideways trade. I like Tua over Hurts especially with Philly remaining schedule

You made a good deal.