3 Big time Trade offers. Need HELP. Help is Appreciated

I am in desperate need of a RB2. My current RB2s are Hubbard & Allgier

So here is my lineup:
QB - Hurts
RB - Swift
WR - Lamb
WR2 - Waddle
Flex - Amari Cooper
TE - Shultz

My bench

Hubbard, Allgier, Sutton, London & Josh Dobbs.

I have been offered the 3 following trade offers. Which should i go with and makes more sense? or not go for any at all.

Trade away - Amari Cooper & Hubbard to Receive Aaron Jones & Jacobi Myers
Trade away - Lamb to Receive Ayuik & J Taylor.
Trade away - Amari Cooper, Hubbard to Receive Javonte Williams & Dionte Johnson

Which out of the 3 makes the best sense to improve my team and not hurt it. I assume keep Lamb and do not trade him away. Thoughts is greatly appreciated!!!

I would go with door # 3.