Help me digest this "complicated" scenario! 😅

Please forgive me in advance for this craziness… :sweat_smile:

League: 10 person, Full PPR, 2 player Keeper
Positions: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLEX (W/R/T), DEF, K

  • I currently have two 1sts (1.06 & 1.08), no 2nd, two 3rds (3.07 & 3.09), a 4th and no 5th;
  • I’m basically locked on keeping J.Taylor and can also select one of Mahomes, Waller or Gibson as my potential #2; OR…
  • I can make the following trade for Zeke to lock in as my #2:

(blocked out names in case my league mates see this, lol)

(It’s also worth noting that I we have a 1 round rookie draft on “the side” which I have the #2 pick in currently, but with this deal, I would also be swapping my #2 rookie picks for the #1 rookie pick from the Zeke owner)

All in all, it feels like this would be me trading one of Mahomes, Waller or Gibson PLUS whoever I would select at 1.08 in the 1st round (likely a CEH, K.Allen, AR, McLaurin type, possibly even Waller) PLUS Chase (the rookie i’d likely draft at #2) FOR Zeke, Najee (the rookie i’d likely draft at #1) and a 3rd rounder aka 3.04 (could probably get Lamar, Josh Allen, Julio, Godwin, Kupp around here).
I also own 3.02 (so almost back to back at the top of the 3rd)

Do you think this trade is worth it? I’d essentially start the draft with JT, Zeke and Najee… One 1st (instead of two), no 2nd, THREE 3rds (instead of two), one 4th and no 5th (the rest of my picks are in-tact/where they should be).

Hopefully this was clear and concise, and thank you for any insight anyone can help provide!

I would change it to Zeke and a 4th round pick for their 1rst round pick.

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I’m the side getting Zeke heh, and already completed the deal for Zeke + 3rd for my 1st.

So I now get to keep JT+Zeke (but I lose one of my two 1sts and gain an early 3rd), instead of having JT+ one of Mahomes, Waller or Gibson + the extra 1st instead of buddy’s early 3rd (I had two 1sts this year because of a trade in which I dealt Saquon last year, before the injury).

Thanks for the input also!!

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I love the foundation you have with Zeke, JT and Najee. WR is so deep you should have no problem filling up your roster with very relevant receivers.

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Thanks @juice0618! I was definitely hesitant to pull the trigger on the deal initially, but in hindsight, it proved to be a no-brainer.

I fully agree that WR is deep this year; so much so that I might use my 1st (technically valued as a re-draft 3rd) to draft one of Waller or Kittle.