Dynasty Roster Advice

12-team, PPR, QB/2Rb/2Wr/TE/2Flex
Current roster:
QB- mahomes
Rb- Gordon, Drake, Edmonds, Vaughn
WR- Hopkins, Lamb, Dionte, Chark, Sutton, Campbell, G Davis
TE- Fant, Kmet

I have 1.04, 1.12, 2.02, 2.12, 3.04…
First question- What should I do at 1.04? I’m leaning towards Javonte Williams with how weak my RB position is; and then targeting Sermon and Carter at 1.12 and 2.02 to help out my RB situation. But Pitts at 1.04 is also appealing. I cleary don’t need anymore WR depth. So I’m between Williams and Pitts.

Second question- I was offered Zeke and 3.04 for 1.04 and 2.02. Should I accept that trade? Or hold off and load up on rookie RBs with the draft picks?

Depends if you feel you are contending or not. If you feel you are trade for zeke, if not stay put and draft. Also id take a shot at Lance with your picks. If he hits may be able to trade mahomes for a haul.

I think you should take that trade for zeke because now you have a rb1 and still another 1st pick to get some more depth at rb

If not I would take pitts at 1.04 and use the another 1st round on a rb

Pitts is to good to pass up especially in dynasty