10 team keeper league scenario

Standard scoring, extra WR/TE slot. I am keeping: Jonathan Taylor in Rd. 3 and Joe Mixon in Rd. 4. I will have a top 3 pick.

In Round 1: who would you target between these best 4 available? Hill, Adams, Zeke, Chubb?

In round 2: which position would you target or value most if these were best players available?
TE: Waller (maybe Kittle)
RB: Montgomery, CEH, Carson
WR: Allen Robinson, Terry McClaurin, Mike Evans

My initial thought would be to grab one of the WR in round 1 and then either a top TE or best available RB in Rd. 2.

What do you think??

Round 1: Zeke. Top 5 potential. Unless Cook or Henry are available, Zeke is your best option.

Round 2: Waller. you already know his floor: Top 3 TE. You also know his ceiling: Top 2 TE. After the top 3 TE’s, the falloff is steep.

Zeke is a great selection in round 1. But with Taylor and Mixon already on the roster, you’d then essentially have drafted 1 bench RB already in round 4, while having to fill 3 WR starter slots in rounds 5 and later. That means you may be looking at someone like Robert Woods, Adam Thielen or Kenny Golladay as your WR1.

What are the alternatives to keeping Taylor? Mixon in round 4 is a no-brainer, but I don’t like round 3 for JT.

If you absolutely want to keep him, I’d go after Hill or Adams with your 1st round pick. If you drop Taylor, you can take Zeke in round 1, and then go after Terry McLaurin, Keenan Allen or Allen Robinson in round 3.

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Zak, remember, you can never have too many good starting RB’s. If you run into need at another position, you can always trade for it. Never expect your post-draft roster composition to be final. All you want is to go into the season with a strong roster. Injuries are another concern too, especially at RB.

I agree. But drafting a bench RB before drafting even 1 WR in what essentially is a 3 WR league? I don’t know.

I mean, I have no issues taking a 3rd RB early, if a valuable option happens to fall to me in the draft. But when you still have all the options available in your draft, I’d probably aim for a slightly more balanced approach.

But a case can be made for the all-RB strategy. It’s certainly easier to trade for a solid WR mid-season than for an RB.

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I don’t know if I’d suggest a bench RB before drafting a WR, although I would draft a flex RB before a WR, but only IF the RB was good enough.

From what I have seen in mock drafts, I can usually grab a top grade WR by the time I have two RB’s in my stable. in fact, as my drafts have been going lately, I usually have 2 WR’s before I draft my second RB.

Taylor in rd. 3 and Mixon in rd. 4 are locked in.

Each team is keeping 2 players so MOST of the top 20 players are gone before draft begins.
As much as I’d love to grab a top TE in rd. 2, I think I give myself more flexibility by grabbing a RB in round 1 or 2 and a WR in the other round.

Problem solved. I traded my 5th (#44) rd and 8th (#77) rd for a 3rd (#23) rd pick.