12 team full ppr 2 keepers

I can keep 2 players for last years draft round

Josh Allen for a 4th
Jalon Hurts for a 11th
Ceedee Lamb for a 3rd
joe Mixon for a 2nd
Dalton Shultz for a 9th
Rhamondre Stevenson for a 10th

Joe, Some more info would help like draft options early,

Mixon and Lamb are my initial reply.

IDK other teams keepers have not come out

Gotcha but it does come into play. These two work in any setting but you may be able to do better later.

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Allen and Mixon are safe bets.

Hurts over Allen would give you some more drafting power. Not recommended if this is an SFLEX, though. In that format, you can even consider Allen + Hurts.

CeeDee will have a great season, but you may be able to get him back in the draft.

I agree Zak, there is not really enough info being sent for a better run down.

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Mixon and Lamb is the correct answer.

I was thinking If i kept ceedee for a 3rd I still have a 1st and 2nd to draft then Hurtes for an 11th rd I have my QB 1 in the 11th

Hurts is a top value at 11. Mixon and Lamb are top talents anywhere past the 1st.

It could be your best play but too early to say, at least for me but you know your stuff.

I would go with Mixon and Lamb in this instance