Good enough team for Zero RB?

Is this team good enough for a Zero RB strategy:

12 team, Full PPR, 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1Flex

QB - Mahomes
WR - Kupp
WR - AJ Brown
WR - Hollywood Brown
RB - Patterson
TE - Kelce
Flex - Godwin
K - Gay
DEF - Bucs

You got strong options on QB, WR and TE. Probably. Maybe.

I’m not super high on Mahomes this year. The offense is going through a transition, and we will have to wait and see how that will affect their overall passing volume. I’m fading neither the Chiefs nor Mahomes, just saying he might be only the #4 or #5 QB this year. Josh Allen or Justin Herbert would have been better options here.

Same for Kelce. His target share should be safe, but can we rely on him still being at 100%? Yes, TEs have a longer shelf life than other skill position players, but even they show signs of ageing, the further they leave 30 behind. Mark Andrews would have been the safer option.

Your WR2 is risky, as we are yet to find out if all Jalen Hurts needed was a top WR to turn into an acceptable passer. If not, Brown has a problem. Personally, I’m not betting on Hurts, so I cannot bet on Brown, either.

Same for the other Brown. What will happen to Hollywood’s volume once D-Hop returns?

Your WRs show up in my PPR rankings as #1, #14 and #27. To be perfectly honest, with a zero RB strategy, I would expect a stronger WR room.

Godwin doesn’t really make things better, he’s my #38 WR.

Question is, why did you go zero RB at all? Did you draft from a late spot, and the top 6 RBs were off the board already?

I honestly didnt mean to. Im not the best at FFB. Its a full PPR with options for 4 WRs to play each week. I thought going heavy WR was smart. The way the draft fell to me I thought it was best. The only RB avail at 2nd pick was A. Jones and I went Kelce over him.

I will say i kinda disagree with your ranking of Godwin. I think he plays and is a top WR2 this year.

Usually a zero RB strategy entails a strong WR strategy, but you din’t really go for strength there either, mucking about with a QB and a TE early instead.

So you basically just came away with a sub-standard team.

Oh well, i tried. Im not great at FFB

Don’t mind the elf, your forum experience will be better if you ignore him.

Aaron Jones is my #10 RB. In the second round, I would have picked him without hesitation. You probably missed more points by taking CEH instead of Jones, than you would have if you had skipped Kelce and picked a TE like Dalton Schultz in a later round.

I wouldn’t rule that out, but I am less optimistic for 3 reasons.

  1. He comes back from a pretty nasty ACL injury, and while he recovered fast, he may still not be at 100%.

  2. The Bucs may not be as good in 2022 as they were in 2021.

  3. The Bucs have a lot of pass catchers on their roster. Evans, Gage, Julio, whoever their TE1 will be, and Rachaad White out of the backfield. That are a lot of mouths to feed. Even if Godwin can defend the #2 target position (the clear #1 is Evans), his share of the team passing volume will be under 20%. And even if the team volume only regresses moderately, a 17% share of the team volume will not account for a lot more than 80 catches for 900 yards and maybe 6 TDs. That’s not enough to reach the WR2 tier. Not even enough for the WR3 tier.