Gardner Minshew?

Interesting hypothetical I read on Twitter tonight:
“What if Gardner Minshew gets the full year starting because the Colts don’t get a QB in the first round and draft Hendon Hooker in the second?”

That might have potential if they can give Minshew some protection, which they never did for Matt Ryan.

Any thoughts?

For me he is only a bye or injury fill in.

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Minshew remains an intriguing asset in SFLEX leagues. Even if the Colts get Richardson or Levis, we don’t know if they will be NFL ready right out of the gate. If the Colts decide to ease their new QB asset into action, Minshew could see several starts in the first half of the season.

I wouldn’t spend anything trading for him. But as an owner, I’ll certainly keep him. And if he’s on the waiver wire, I’d grab him. You can never have too many QBs in SFLEX.

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The Colts picked Richardson, whose talent may be as huge as his frame. But he’s not NFL-ready, so Minshew will probably start at the beginning of the season.

And I could have up to 6 starting QBs on my SFLEX dynasty roster:
Patrick Mahomes
Justin Herbert
Jordan Love
Brock Purdy
Gardner Minshew
Bailey Zappe

I see a few trades coming up… :sweat_smile: