Dynasty Roster: Thoughts

I’ve had a lot of movement with this team this summer and not sure if I should sit on it or upgrade anywhere before our draft in 2 weeks. Wanting to know thoughts.

10 man league 2 QB PPR Dynasty League short 4 man bench 1 IR: Have to cut to 12 before the draft. Current roster

QB: Aaron Rodgers
QB: Lamar Jackson
RB: Christian McCaffery
RB: Saqoun Barkley
WR: Mike Evans
WR: DJ Moore
WR: Rashod Bateman
TE: Dalton Shultz
Flex: Elijah Moore
K: Open
Defense: Open
Defensive Player: Open

AJ Dillon
Chase Edmonds
Kadrius Toney
Robert Woods
Darrell Henderson
Justin Fields
Mike Gesicki

Like mentioned before I have to cut to 12 for the draft so im going to lose some value in Woods and Toney as no one is really trading currently because of the cut to 12.

Anywhere you’d recommend trying to upgrade and if so some thoughts of trades you would do?


12 keepers - a hybrid between a keeper and a dynasty league. You are drafting rookies + free agents, I guess?

I would cut Henderson, Gesicki, Woods and Edmonds. I don’t think Edmonds will become a big success story in Miami. They will run an RBBC, and I’m not even sure Edmonds will be the 1a all season long.

Woods is 30 years old. Even if he has another productive fantasy season (I wouldn’t bet on it), it will probably be his last.

Gesicki isn’t bad, but you don’t want to waste a keeper slot on your 2nd TE.

And Henderson is no more than a handcuff at this point. One of the better ones, but again, you don’t waste a keeper slot on a handcuff, especially if you don’t have his starter.

My optimism on Toney is limited, but he’s young, and there’s at least a small chance the Giants will improve this year.

As for roster development, you need to work on rejuvenating your QB room. Rodgers won’t be around for much longer. And Lamar is a rushing QB, and these usually don’t last long. Next year’s draft should bring some good new QBs in, so stock up on 2023 1sts.

On RB, you have 2 injury-prone starters. Both have good upside - top 3 for CMC, top 10 for Saquon. But both could fail you as the season progresses.

Your WR options are good, but you are lacking an elite option. There is some WR talent in this year’s draft, so see that you get your hands 1-2 good ones.

Good luck!