FLEX PPR pickups?

Gotta pick 2 off waivers from the following:

Josh Reynolds
Tyler Higbee
George Pickens
Isaiah McKenzie
Corey Davis

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Not sure what you’re replacing, but Pickens stands out to me. Add him definitely.

Beyond that, maybe McKenzie. Not sure what you’re dropping to grab McKenzie, but this doesn’t excite me.

I am dropping ARob and Zay Jones

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Pickens and Higbee definitely


Ok, good choices. Certainly almost anything is better than those two.

Ok…I like Higbee…Just a little concerned about Steelers upcoming schedule for Pickens…Bills, Bucs, Dolphins, Eagles and then the bye

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Pickens is pretty amazing. He is worth it.

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If those are your replacement options, you’re probably better off standing pat.

Don’t listen to the complete idiot above…Higbee and Pickens is where it’s at.

Tyler Higbee is the 5th overall TE. He has the highest number of targets among all TE’s. He is tied for the highest number of receptions among all TE’s (tied with Travis Kelce). He averages 12.6ppg. AND, he is yet to have a TD!

AxeElf is probably right, though. Just stand pat and don’t add one of the best TE’s in fantasy football to your roster. What a fucking idiot.

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I’m assuming he already drafted a TE, but sure, if he doesn’t already have one, Higbee is as good a pickup as any–if he just din’t have to drop a viable WR for one.