Week 1o Waiver Wire Winners

QB- Field IF ya can get him.

RB- Gus Edwards will start when he comes back after bye. Chubba will finally get back this week and should take most of the snaps. far from a sure thing but not much out there.

WR- Pickins has been top 20 3 of 5 weeks and the Claypool trade just made him better.

Odel Beckam is apparently back from the dead, a FA and reported to be available this week.

Trelon Burks come back and is worth a play. GEORGE PICKENS, PITTSBURGH STEELERS (60.9%)

The Steelers traded Chase Claypool, which opens the door for even more targets for Pickens.

  • Pickens ranks third on the team in targets over the last four weeks since Kenny Pickett became the starter (23).
  • Claypool was one of the players ahead of him (29).
  • The Claypool loss will mean more playing time for other players in the slot, but they won’t see Claypool’s target share.
  • Pickens was typically the odd man out in 12 personnel, but he will likely be on the field all the time in this personnel grouping going forward.
  • He has finished as a top-24 fantasy wide receiver in three of the last five weeks. This trade only increases the odds of him being a consistent fantasy starter over the rest of the season.
  • The Steelers had their bye week in Week 9.



Burks is another highly drafted rookie wide receiver who has missed over a month of football.

  • He was playing over 60% of offensive snaps in his last two healthy games.
  • He is currently on injured reserve. There has been no recent news on when he returns, but initial estimates put his return around Week 10.
  • No Titans receiver has stepped up in his absence, leaving the door wide open for him to take the top wide receiver role in their offense by the end of the season.
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I like Pickens, but not Burks.

My reason for not liking Burks? AJ Brown.

You see what Brown has done since he left the Titans? So Brown’s upside with the Titans is Burk’s upside, low end WR1. And THAT is assuming Burks isn’t a bust, which honestly he has a whiff of bust to him.

Opportunity in a no-pass offense doesn’t amount to much value.

Difference is a 29 year old Henry and a very likely new QB next year.

Still the same head coach though. Don’t be surprised to see the Titans shooting for an RB in the draft.

I honestly think that Mike Vrabel is one of the best coaches in the league. He has made a lot out of little for so many years in a row now. And he always seems to find an answer when he faces seemingly impossible matchups.

I fully expect the Titans to go after a new RB early in the 2023 draft. Or after a new QB. In which case I wouldn’t be surprised if they became more pass-happy next year.

There’s still other WRs I’d prefer stashing over Burks, though.

I like Burks because he is the solo #1 guy and I think that will maintain in 2023.
We will see more starting next week,

We would love for the waiver wire to be Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory every week, with this article describing the flavor of Wonka bars, everlasting gobstoppers and lickable wallpaper.

Unfortunately, the candy supply this week is terrible. Circus Peanuts, Necco Wafers, black licorice, Good & Plenty, those hard candies your grandma used to keep in a glass dish on her coffee table … yeah, that’s the waiver wire this week. Sorry.

The best advice we can give you in a week where it’s tumbleweeds on the waiver wire? Keep that FAAB money in your pocket. Don’t burn that waiver priority.

From the FP staff, LOL

My transactions this week:

I picked up the Tennessee DST in South Beach. I needed a defense because the Jets have a bye. Tennessee has done reasonably well the past 3 weeks.

In my main Yahoo dynasty league, I picked up RB Matt Breida. This is a deep league, and injuries and byes depleted me. I’m not expecting to win, but I figured I’d toss a hail mary and go for Saquon Barkley’s backup. With the Giants playing Houston, if Saquon gets hurt, Breida would be gold.

In my home redraft league, I picked up Jeff Wilson and Josh Palmer. I don’t really need them, just adding them to keep them away from others.

In my NFL.com league, I added the Saints defense, because the Jets have a bye. Saints against the Steelers sounds pretty good.

Tennessee had the #5 schedule and ranks #10. They have 2 moderately good matchups coming up and should be okay for these 2 weeks. But after that, I think you can drop them.

The Jets clearly overperformed. #19 schedule, but ranking #8. And they have good matchups in weeks 11, 12 and 15. Good call to keep them stashed.

For the same reason, I have Dontrell Hilliard on my deep dynasty roster all season already. There is a good chance that this year’s final will be the same as last year, and my opponent would have Henry then, but is lacking depth on RB. I have Hilliard for the sole reason that my competitor does not get him. And of course, maybe he will even help my team, who knows.

As for my waivers, it was a rather calm week, indeed.

In my SFLEX dynasty (FAAB), I was the only team to make any claims. Spent quite a bit of FAAB (still have tons left and will probably not need it anymore) on getting Raheem Blackshear back. Had him stashed during the previous 2 weeks, but cut him last week. And now rushed to get him back. Will he be the next big RB thing? Probably not. But in a deep league with a deep TAXI squad, why not stash him? He’s a rookie RB who gets playing time right now. You don’t find too many of that species on dynasty waiver wires.

Also scooped up the Saints D, as I prefer them over the Bills this week and next. Of course, I’ll keep the Bills stashed. The Saints will be dropped after week 11 and replaced by the Chargers for the rest of the season.

My 1QB league (WP) saw a little more activity. I scooped up Darius Slayton and dropped Sam Ehlinger for him. Raheem Blackshear replaced Foster Moreau, whom I had scooped up last week as both my TEs (Freiermuth. Schultz) were on BYE. Blackshear is a good stash here, as I need to activate and start George Pickens this week, and have no other rookie to replace him on TAXI. Now I do.

Finally, I replace the lackluster Packers D with the Chargers. But as someone dropped the Cardinals, I will try to grab them tomorrow.

In the South Beach League, I added the Saints D as a BYE replacement for my Patriots D.

Same in the US-EU league, here the Cards D will fill in for the Pats this week. Tyler Allgeier, whom I needed as a BYE fill last week, had to go for them.

And I replaced Isaiah Likely with Terrace Marshall. This is a redraft format, and Marshall could be useful this season.

I know you did, as the Saints were my first choice. Bastard! Then again, I guess that is the price I pay for being better then you…

Trash talk off. :grin:

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No, that’s the price you paid for being a cheapskate and placing a $0 offer. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, my team scored almost 100 points more than yours this season.
Bring on the playoffs! :boxing_glove: :sweat_smile: :boxing_glove:

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Not my fault you scheduled your games poorly! :laughing:

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I will bookmark that post for the day my mighty warriors defeated your team in the playoffs. :smiling_imp:

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25 years from now, you’ll be senile, look at the bookmark, and delete it. :rofl:

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Now there is an optimistic statement.

Who were you again? :older_man: :sweat_smile:

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I’m @SoBe717. Joe. Look me up.


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It is early for me to do any playoff posturing. I am now focused on the #2 bye week.

However, I do believe you will both be seeing my tram’s theme song played.

Enjoy the early preview.

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First statement true, the second not so much. I’m a little closer to that at 6-3.

I say it is too early to posture and in the next breath put up my team victory song which is nothing but posturing. lol

I need to wn this week and will take care of you next week with my best player on bye. There goes your closer.

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It is NEVER too early to talk trash! Especially when I can back it up with stats! :wink: