Flex option 1:2 PPR

So I got waddle Higgins Hopkins should I sit one of these guys for the upside of Paris campbell I was thinking waddle considering the dolphins can just run all over Houston and Steelers have the best play ha recivers sticky situation

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I would never recommend to sit one of your studs for a shaky player who may (or may not) have a solid week.

Yes, the matchup looks perfect for Campbell, and there is a chance your gamble could turn out in your favor. Pittsburgh is the best opponent for WRs, especially slot WRs. But their run defense is also terrible, so it could as well end up being a Jonathan Taylor show.

Hopkins, Higgins and Waddle are all solid top 12 options. Campbell is a WR3/4 with some upside. He may be a good DFS gamble, depending on his price tag. But sitting a WR1 in a regular league for him? No, thanks.

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I have never played a middle of the road player over an established top player over a match up and it has served me well.

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Remember the floors of your top players easily outweigh the floors of anyone else. Sure, Campbell may have some upside, but if that doesn’t hit, he could give you a single digit bust. You can expect double digits for guys like Waddle most of the time.