Finals start help

Somehow squeaked into the finals this season. Need advice on starting devin singletary or Christian Kirk? Or should I take jerrick McKinnon out of the lineup and have both singletary and Kirk start? I have mixed feelings about all 3 players

I see where you are coming from.

McKinnon has the best matchup on paper, as the Broncos are pretty terrible against the ground game. However, Pacheco may be the bigger beneficiary here. Still, I’d keep McKinnon in the lineup. 3 weeks ago, he torched the Broncos. 7/9 for 112yd and 2 TD through the air. That won’t repeat, but he should still get a few things going.

Kirk has a really tough matchup, as Houston has one of the best pass defenses in the league. But Singletary doesn’t look any better, matchup-wise. And since the Bills have more offensive options than the Jags, I’d start Kirk over Singletary.


Thank you for the input. Definitely a stressful week lol. What are your thoughts on Brock Purdy or mike white starting this week?

Mike White would be my pick