Need an RB2 from these scrubs

I have an opportunity to trade Donta Foreman for a significant WR upgrade.

If I do so though, I need an RB2 this week out of:

Singletary, Ford, Strong, McLaughlin,


If the WR will be good for more than a couple of weeks, then do it–because Foreman won’t be–but don’t expect much at RB2 this week.

If Ford is active, you play him; if not, Singletary. But expect 6 pts, and if you get a TD, you’re probly ahead.

Thanks. My big issue was in Benched Mayfield (superFlex)

I am as comfortable as I can be with my lineup but that SuperFlex spot was gonna have Darnold.

With Purdy likely playing, it’s Mac Jones, Dell, or Bourne.

I just hope Mac can get close enough to 20 not to make me regret it.

Singletary and name the WR “significant” upgrade options.