Fantasy Championship Sabotage

Khalil Herbert is on the waiver wire, and I have a feeling he’s about to go off. Seeing as Kamara has an ankle sprain, should I just go ahead and drop him for Herbert, or should I wait out his injury status before I drop him. I’m one win away from the championship, so don’t want to leave my opponent with any opportunities

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Herbert has been better over the last 4 weeks, although neither has set the football world on fire.

Thanks. With a few people being confirmed sits, I was able to pick him up. Now I’m just trying to stop my opponent from getting a solid QB since his QB’s are resting (Stafford and Flacco). I’ll probably end up dropping Kamara if he doesn’t realize his QB’s are out before Saturday. Should I pick up Mullens or Tyrod in his place, since they are the best QB options left?

I see Mullens and Tyrod as overkill and not worth the trouble. JMO

IF I had to pick, Mullins has the better march up,

IF I had a SB in week 18 I would be looking for a new commissioner or league. It has to be the silliest thing I’ve seen in fantasy.

Yeah, I signed up for it without reading the fine print, and now I’m just winging it.

As I messaged, I do have a new league for you. it’s our 3rd league and a redraft.