PPR-League: Kupp/Walker for Diggs/Swift


the following trade was proposed to me (PPR-league):

Receive Cooper Kupp and Ken Walker III
Leave Stefon Diggs and D’Andre Swift

At first glance it looks like a no-brainer to me - just do it!

Is there something I may have overlooked?


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Welcome aboard!

Honestly, I don’t see it either. Hit “accept”.

Don’t be surprised if the commish rejects it.

If the commish rejects that trade, you need a new commish (or a new league).

Hit accept before the other guy sobers up.

Kupp and Diggs are roughly equal, slight edge for Kupp maybe.

And Swift vs Walker - does he speculate on Swift’s pass catching upside in PPR? That would be quite the gamble here, as Walker arguably produces a lot better than Swift does these days.

I don’t understand the trade, from the other guy’s POV, but it’s certainly a good one for you.

And also certainly not one that would have to commish-blocked. It’s not wildly unbalanced. It just doesn’t make a ton of sense for the other guy.

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That’s exactly what I thought about the trade offer :wink:

Thanks to all for your replies!