Etienne vs Swift

Etienne goes up against a tuff run D in Dallas. Swift goes against a good D in the Jets and has been very shaky week to week.

Rough decision.

Usually I’d say ETN, as he has a chance to escape tough run Ds through the air. But he hasn’t seen more than 3 targets since week 7, and was not targeted at all last week.

So the best I have to offer here is to agree with you: rough decision, indeed. :sweat_smile:

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And after last week’s advice I could not wait to hear from you again. You tried to see me lose to avoid playing but it did not work. Here we go.

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I would love to give you bad advice here, but I honestly have no idea which one that would be here.

Of course, you could always start Akers over both of them (harr harr) :smiling_imp:


Believe it or not, Zak is closer to being right than you might initially believe.

Etienne is only averaging slightly more than 4 points/week over the last 4 games. Swift is over 10 while Akers is over 9. When you consider their opponents this week, Akers has the easier game against 6th worst run defense Green Bay, whereas Swift is up against the 10th best Jets run defense. Add in the fact the Lions won’t have any hesitation to lean on the pass if necessary, the Rams would be relying on new QB Baker Mayfield.

Akers is the play here.

Ed, have you gotten anything right in the last few weeks?

The more I look at it, the trickier it gets. And this is not trash talk or mind games anymore.

FantasyPros ECR is somewhat clear:
Etienne #15
Swift #25
Akers #30

In my magic Excel sheet (poweder by faerie dust), I have a matchup indicator that is based on various team factors. That matchup indicator looks as follows (lower = better):

Etienne: 19.5
Swift: 24
Akers: 8

Now, that indicator does not consider individual player stats, so the value would be the same for Kyren Williams or Ronnie Rivers. Still, if we disregard the obvious reasons to not start Akers, he arguably has the best matchup.

I am undecided what to do in the US-EU league, where I advanced to the semifinals and now face the dominating team once again. And my RB options are:

Etienne (19.5)
Najee (13.5)
Zeke (18.5)
Rachaad White (19)

Need to start 2, and none of them inspires confidence.

So at least you’re not alone in your struggles.

Edit: I just checked - Cam Akers is available in the US-EU league. Should I…? :joy:

Joe, have you been taking etiquette lessons from the lawn gnome again?

Swift is not on the Wed, IR report, a good thing. Last week he was with his ankle and did little. The week before he was not and had a VG game. Perhaps a sign of what’s to come. Stay tuned.

Here is the real run down on the Jets run D. They stopped Singletary from Buff but who hasn’t? Cook had 15, Montgomery almost 13 and the Pats duo over 21.

Not a concern.

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FYI. Anyone in our league has access to this same info. Just click on the team a player is playing against. It has been a big help to me to get what’s really happening vs a year long average.

As we all know too well teams change with injury and schedule.