Pacheco vs Akers?

Pacheco plays @ Denver who is VG vs the run. Akers is home tonight vs the Raiders who are not.

Who would you put in the flex?

Denver is a terrible opponent for every position, as they allow only 17 NFL points per game. 2nd best defence in that category. They could be in great shape, if their offense wasn’t the worst by a wide margin, scoring only 13.8 themselves. #32, the #31 team (Texans) score 2 points more on average.

Start Akers (and watch Kyren Williams go through the roof this week :sweat_smile: ).


Pacheco wasn’t supposed to do anything against a good Cincinnati run D but he did a lot better than what the experts projected him doing. Had I played him I would have won and be sitting pretty for a first rd bye next week. Akers has had so many disappointing weeks and my wasted 3 rd pick on him. I’m playing Pacheco this week. That offense is going to give him so many more viable opportunities to score. I think the only thing Akers has is no competition but he’ll have to break free to put up numbers I think.