Extra Picks draft strategy

I’m in a 12 team 3 player keeper and have accumulated 9 picks in the first 5 rounds including 3 in the top 13. QB, 2RB. 3WR,TE, 2 Flex, Def.
I never draft Qb or TE early but due to this flux of picks should I go after Kyler Murray or jake allen with my 1.05, 1.12 or 2.01? Most rb’s will be gone but some high end WR’s will be available.

My keepers are Cook, Kamara , Adams

BPA: Best Player Available.

If the BPA is an RB, that’s what you take. Same with QB, WR, and TE. Allen and Lamar Jackson are the only two QB’s I’d consider in the 2nd round (not including superflex leagues, of course). TE’s should also be considered, but only if they are elite.

thank you! i appreciate the advice.

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