Help with New League

Joining a brand new league so no keepers this year. 12 teams, PPR with QB, 2RB, 3WR, K, Def, Flex and Super Flex (which includes QB). 6 points across the board for TD’s. TE’s get 1.5pts per reception. I have the 10th pick of 12. Which way should I go? Best RB first or get a top QB since I could potentially start two of them? Thanks in advance.

Starting a TE as well. Sorry.

If you pick that late, you gotta be flexible. Doesn’t make sense to follow a fixed strategy, when you don’t know whom the 9 owners ahead of you will pick.

In 2QB leagues, it makes sense to draft a QB early.
In TE premium leagues, it makes sense to draft a TE early.
In all leagues, it makes sense to draft a tier 1 RB early.
And if the tier 1 options for QB, RB and TE are all gone, it never hurts to draft a WR early.

Just make sure you get a tier 1 player.

QB: Mahomes, Josh Allen, Kyler.
RB; CMC, Dalvin Cook.
WR: Tyreek, Davante Adams.
TE: Kelce, Kittle, Waller.

That’s 10 players. So at least 1 of them will definitely be available when you’re on the clock. If 9 of them are gone, #10 is your guy.

Don’t fall for the trap and draft Russell Wilson, just because 7 owners ahead of you already drafted QBs. Wilson is a good QB, but he’s not a difference maker on the QB position anymore.

Take a difference maker on another position instead. There will still be competent QBs available in later rounds, that will not be much worse than Wilson. But you won’t find a CMC, Tyreek or Kelce in later draft rounds, if you pass on them in round 1.

Good luck!

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