12 team standard 1 keeper

I have 12th pick, my keeper is Diggs in the 4th. If a good RB falls I will take or should I get 2 more stud WR’s?

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The answer is…yes.

Seriously, watch what happens. If a good RB falls into your lap, you always take him. If not, go for the stud WR’s.

That said, you likely won’t get a good RB with a 12th pick. So be prepared to take a WR, or maybe even a top TE?

Personally I would take an RB at 12 and probably again at 13 overall. You’ve got a certified #1 WR in Diggs and the WR class is incredibly deep. It’s a long way to go before you pick again at 36 and RB 1’s will be long gone.

juice0618 That’s only a good idea if you have 2 top or even 2nd tier RB’s left at 1.12.

Another possibility is to take a shot at a top tier TE (Kelce, Waller, or Kittle). A final possibility is to take a shot at a top tier QB like Mahomes or Josh Allen.

My point is to be flexible, and see what you have at the 12 spot. There should still be some play left at RB when he comes back around at 36. According to ADP, both Mike Davis and Michael Carter should still be there when he drafts again. Not ideal choices, granted, but paired with some strong receivers and a QB, and you have something.

Ideally, he should be able to grab at least one RB at 12-13, and maybe 2. ADP does show some RB’s still available with good upside potential, such as Najee Harris, Antonio Gibson, and CEH.

100% be flexible and let the draft come to you. There’s probably a decent chance a Mixon, Ekeler, or possibly even an Aaron Jones is available at 12. My main point is if he waits to pick 37 to pick his RB1 he’s gonna be chasing that position all year long.

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I will definitely be flexible. I am hoping for Kelce to drop for sure but I doubt he will. I am liking Aaron Jones now that Rodgers is back and maybe Ridley or Hopkins. I also doubt Mahomes will be there.

Looking at my 12th best RB, assuming an 11 pick run on RB’s at the beginning of the draft, then it would be Antonio Gibson. Not a bad choice at 12, with plenty of upside. But there is a definite fall-off in upside after that. Lots of floor, not much ceiling.

Facing that situation, I’d take Gibson, then take the best player available, starting with the top 3 TE’s, moving to QB’s next, and then WR’s. (If it was PPR, then I’d do WR’s first and then QB’s).