Dynasty trade: Waddle for London and a 2

My main superflex PPR dynasty team has gone into rebuild mode. After losing Breece Hall and Jameis Winston, I literally am having to start Trent Sherfield in my superflex spot. That’s the definition of “done”.

While I have all my draft picks, I am currently 13th ranked among 16 teams, with a 3-4 record. While not impossible to recover from this situation, I’d have to trade away next year’s draft picks to do it, and I am NOT missing out on one of the richest drafts in recent years. Ergo, time to acquire draft picks!

For my first trade, I am sending Jaylen Waddle and my 20th round draft pick (that is “round”, so basically a non-pick in a rookie draft) for Drake London and a 2nd round pick.

In long term perspective, Waddle and Drake are pretty even in talent. Admittedly, Atlanta has a real issue with their passing game at the moment, but I’d be surprised if that isn’t fixed before next year, unless they become surprisingly effective only throwing 13 times in a game where they got mauled. In other words, I expect Mariota will no longer be the QB in Atlanta next year, so Drake could have a lot more value, since it’s not possible for the Falcons to pass less than they do now.

Waddle is what he is, although even he is beginning to show a pretty rough floor with Tyreek Hill in Miami. Waddle’s numbers in weeks 4-5: 2 of 5 for 39 yards, and 3 of 4 for 23 yards. No td’s in either game. In fact, no td’s since week 2. Don’t get me wrong, I consider Waddle a supremely talented WR, arguably one of the best in the game.

Both Waddle and London could have topnotch value next year. But the kicker in this deal is the 2nd round pick. One unique quality in this dynasty league: The drafts are snaked. Which means, if my trade partner somehow wins the league, I could end up with the first pick in the second round.

Using the most recent Fantasy Pros Dynasty Value Chart (Fantasy Football Rankings: Dynasty Trade Value Chart (October 2022 Update) | FantasyPros), Waddle is worth 63 points, while Drake plus an early 2nd round superflex pick are worth 92 points. Cha-ching!

Any thoughts?

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Those values are based on 12-team leagues. But the difference won’t be huge. It’s a good trade for you. I am not concerned about Waddle’s floor, as long as Tua is healthy. But you will have to give up an asset if you want to get a pick that allows you to draft some fresh talent.

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Your deal makes sense and is a smart move in my view.

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Even if you treat it as a late 2nd round pick, it’s still a good deal for me.

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I’m looking for a similar trade in my rebuild 1QB full-PPR dynasty myself. My current roster there:

QB: T Lance (IR), D Jones, S Ehlinger, J Winston (cut)

RB: T Etienne, E Benjamin, D Foreman, L Murray, N Hines, K Gainwell, JD McKissic (cut), Damien Williams (IR/cut), T Davis-Price (TAXI/cut)

WR: J Chase (IR), J Waddle, M Pittman, J Meyers, G Pickens (TAXI), KJ Osborn, V Jefferson, B Skowronek

TE: P Freiermuth, D Schultz

I have all my 2023 picks, plus an extra 2nd (late). I would like to acquire an extra 1st or 2 extra 2nds, if possible. My own 1st will probably be in the 1.04-1.06 range, and I would try to trade up into the top 3, to get my hands on a top RB.

Waddle is one of the pieces I would be ready to move. I don’t like the idea of trading him away, as I think he will be a top 10 asset for years to come. But I have 5 startable WRs, would trade Chase only for multiple 1sts, and Waddle is the WR I would probably get the best price for.

Haven’t found the right trade partner yet, but I’m not under pressure. I would even prefer moving him only during the offseason, when I’d know exactly what pick I am trading for.

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