Been offered D Adams straight up for Waddle. Accept it?

I think i am over analyzing but i think i have the right too no? Adams has not been great at all and Waddle either. But Waddle has Tua and Adams has a horrible QB. I know most would accept this trade and maybe i should and am over thinking it.

Thoughts? Take the trade or decline?

Right now as it sits, my WRs are Mike Evans, Waddle and Flex is Ayuik. I got Sutton on my Bench. If i take the trade, my lineup would be Evans, Adams and Ayuik and sutton on bench.

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anyone please help. Offer is still open for me

In a redraft league, I’d take this deal. Adams is the alpha in an improved Raiders offense. While Waddle could be an alpha, on the Dolphins it is clearly Tyreek.

In dynasty, I wouldn’t touch it. Adams is too old.