Trade: Danny Dimes

This seems like a slam dunk but with the concern of the QBs for Deebo and Pittman would you trade:
2QB PPR League

Danny Dimes
Elijah Moore
Darnell Mooney
Lenny Fournette

Micheal Pittman
Deebo Samuel
Tony Pollard


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Pittman is easily better than Moore or Mooney. And that isn’t even discussing Deebo yet!

Pollard or Fournette? Pollard is so much better than Lenny, it’s matter where both of them end up, Pollard will be better.

The ONLY reason for the other manager to make this trade is to get Daniel Jones. In a 2QB league, he carries value. Unless you are set at RB and WR, I’d send Jones packing for that haul. Also, I assume you have two other QB’s to play?

Yes he is in desperate need… I have Aaron Rodgers, Danny Dimes, DeShaun Watson, and Pat Mahomes

He only has Josh Allen, Brady just retired on him and he had Carson Wentz

Sounds good. I accepted. Felt like a slam dunk. Do you think Pittman bounces back?

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There’s nothing wrong with Pittman that a good QB wouldn’t fix. Whether the Colts can get one is another question. If they go for a retread like Baker Mayfield, you might be in trouble there.