Trade Deebo for Breece Hall?

1/2 Point PPR Dynasty League I have other strong receivers Kupp, AJ Brown, Pittman, Jeudy but I am a little weak at RB. I am worried about Deebo’s role changing but I an also worried about trading him coming back to bite me. Thoughts?

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If the Breece Hall owner really accepts Deebo in exchange, accept that trade without hesitation.

I’ve been offered Deebo in both my dynasty leagues, and politely declined.

Deebo’s 2021 production was boosted by 365 rushing yards and 8 rushing TDs. That’s 84.5 of his 314.7 half-PPR points. Without the ground production, he’d have finished the season as WR#9. Not terrible, but not top 3, either.

With Trey Lance under center, I expect Deebo to lose most, if not all of his rushing production. And we have to see how Lance does in the passing game. If he profiles closer to Jalen Hurts than to Mac Jones in terms of passing, it will hurt Deebo’s production further.

I still see Deebo as a low-end WR1, currently have him at WR#11. The good thing is that there isn’t a lot of competition for targets in San Francisco, so his floor should be safe, But his rushing upside that elevated him into elite territory will likely be gone. I don’t think his fantasy stock will be higher after the 2022 season than it is right now.

I wouldn’t worry to trade him away, as long as the price is right.

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I have to agree with @ZakHH on that. When you add in Deebo’s injury history prior to last season, it makes trading him even easier. If you can get Breece Hall for him, even better! In a dynasty league, I would never trade Breece Hall for Deebo, but if you can, you should! I suspect you’ll have to throw in something else to sweeten the deal.

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Agree with Zak. Take Hall now given Samuels injury history. Your deep at WR. Sell surplus for need.