Dynasty Trade CMC for Cook

I’m new to dynasty leagues and joined my first this season. In a PPR TE premium superflex league I have a roster that is built to win now. I don’t know the true value of picks in dynasty and am wondering if I should accept a trade for D. Cook and 2 first round picks (2022/2023) to get CMC on my roster. Through 2weeks I am 2-0 and have had the highest scoring team both weeks. Should I accept the trade or will I be giving up too much for a small upgrade at RB1

Cook and 2 firsts for CMC? That’s insane.

They’ll be late firsts, 12team league. How often do those late first picks end up being busts.

Not the point. Cook and CMC are close to even in value. Giving up Cook and 2 first rounders to get CMC is a bad deal.

Also, you just said you are 2-0. Negotiate from the position of power you have. When you sell high, you call the price.

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