Devy Dynasty Trade - Bijan Robinson and CMC

My nephew is trying to get Bijan Robinson from me. This is a 10 Team Dynasty/Devy PPR League.

He is pretty much the consensus #1 DEVY player. He has offered me CMC, DJ Uiagalelei (His Devy Player) and his next DEVY pick or his 1st Rd rookie pick for my Bijan Robinson and my 1st Rd pick. We are both sitting at #5 and #6 in the standings currently.

My RB’s are: A.Jones. E.Elliott, AJ Dillon, R.Stevenson, K.Walker III, E.Benjamin, J.Warren, I.Pacheco

A little older at the top and CMC is not getting any younger. However, I would be getting a proven RB for Bijan, who may do nothing AND I get a QB in a Superflex.

What say you?

I don’t play devy myself, but by my understanding, this is somewhat like trading the 2023 1.01 away in a regular dynasty league. With the only difference being that the 1.01 pick will retain its value in case Bijan flames out, gets injured or is being drafted as 1 of 3 RBs in the 2023 49ers RB lottery.

I agree that your current RB room needs rejuvenation. Jones, Zeke and potentially even Dillon may be relegated to mere depth pieces (or worse) next year, so Ken Walker and Rhamondre Stevenson would have to carry your team on RB. Could be worse, but could also be better.

CMC is not the player to look for when trying to rejuvenate your RB corps. And a 2023 1st is nice, but in a devy league, I’d not expect too many top RBs hitting the rookie draft.

I would probably take the risk and keep Bijan. Sure, there is no guarantee that Bijan will be as good as expected on the NFL stage. But neither is there any guarantee that CMC will still be startable next year. In dynasty, I prefer to err on the side of young talents, rather than hoping for ageing stars to last yet another season.

The offer value is good, but I’d still hold.