CMC vs Dak did I make a mistake

I traded Dak and my 1.06 pick in dynasty for CMC, Fitzmagic, and Hardman. Did I make a mistake?

Context will be super important here. If we’re talking SuperFlex or 2QB Dynasty, Dak has a ton of value and QBs have a longer shelf life. The 1.06 can also be a solid rookie as well, with QBs going earlier leading to guys like Chase and Pitts sliding. But CMC is still CMC and you did get a QB back. Fitz should be fine, but hopefully he’s not your only one and maybe Mecole can get going with Sammy gone.

If it’s one QB, I think you win by a good margin because QBs don’t carry quite as much value, and you’re getting THE RB1 in fantasy. Hope that helps!

If you get 2019 CMC, then it’s a great deal. If you get 2020 CMC, then you got taken.

Even in a discussion of superflex or 2QB, the difference between Dak and Fitzmagic gets overwhelmed by the CMC health question.

But all is not lost: If you have a second round pick, I’d suggest you grab Chuba Hubbard with it. Should CMC get hurt again, you’re ready. ECR has him ranked 27th in PPR rookies, so it would only be a small, but necessary, reach for you.

I then traded up to the 1.05 and grabbed Najee Harris. I am a little weak at QB with Cousins and Tannehill and Fitz. That will be the areas I need to address next season. As they are sll getting up there in age

To be honest, you just got a better long-term, and possibly short-term, RB than CMC. Najee has higher upside, in my opinion.

As for your QB’s, you can play matchups with those three, and see if anything becomes available during the season. If not, there is next year’s draft.

All that said, I love your trades!