Dynasty 1.01/1.03 Trade

Am I an idiot to turn down trading away the 1.01 and 1.03 picks for CMC/Kelce/Keenan/Kupp.

12team ppr SF TE Premium league. I sold out for the 1.03 last season and acquired the 1.01 in a trade. Team has youth but Wilson/Tanny/D Jones at qb… I’m committed to the rebuild but this trade would change that.


So you need a QB, but you’re trading away top draft picks for…not any QB’s?

Admittedly, since it is a TE premium league, Kelce is hugely enticing. And CMC is a nice add. Keenan is on his last legs, while Kupp isn’t getting any younger plus he’s coming off an injury.

Taking this trade moves you into “win now” mode, and doesn’t really build your team for next year. And if CMC or Kelce gets hurt this year, this trade will be for nothing.

The question here is how much faith do you have in your own drafting ability? If you can turn those two picks into talented rookies, that might be worth more. Imagine walking away from the draft with Bijan and Stroud or Young? Would you rather have that than CMC/Kelce/Keenan/Kupp? Personally, I’d rather have those rookies, even if it means I don’t contend until next year. But it could also mean that I do contend this year, if the rookies pan out.


Trading away Bijan and one of the top 2 QBs for 4 players on their last legs does not sound like a good idea at all.

CMC could have one more solid season - if he stays healthy. But so will Bijan, and he will have many more beyond this one.

Kelce will regress at some point. Will it be this season? Maybe not. But if yes, his value will drop to zero. This is a risk/reward move, but only in win-now.

Keenan will turn 31 in 2 weeks. Even if he can stay healthy this year, I would not see him as a WR1 any longer.

And Kupp is turning 30 in June, and comes off a season where his insane workload finally took its toll. At his age, that’s not going to get any better. Plus, we still don’t know who his QB will be. Yes, the Rams extended Stafford, but his health is a major concern.

There is a chance this trade will help you this season. But even as a win-now trade, it’s risky. And it will definitely hurt you big time beyond the 2023 season.

I wouldn’t do it. So in my book, you made no mistake turning it down. Tempting as the names may be, you made the right call.


No way in hell do I take that deal. Robinson and a top QB set you up for years to come. The Elders likely give you a one and done and you still have no QB.

All three of us agree on a unanimous verdict of PASS.


Thanks for the advice and for re-assuring me that committing to this rebuild is the right choice. I still have the 1.10/2.04/2.05 pick so I think I’m doing thing right by being patient. My next question will come after the nfl draft when I am stuck between picking a qb for upside or a more sure thing. (Richardson vs Young/Stroud)


Obviously, landing point is everything. but all things being equal, and they never are, I’d rank them as:

  1. Stroud
  2. Young
  3. Richardson

Those first two are likely the only ones in this QB class who could start this season. Unless there’s a Brock Purdy out there somewhere.?

Stroud is a pocket passer with top accuracy for this class and proved he can run in the Ga, game.
He struggles under pressure and is not good at escaping it. Has trouble with throws on the run and had All Stars to throw to and block.
Reminds me some of a bigger Tua.

Young does everything well and is better suited for a bad team, now.
Big but, his size at 185 is a real concern.
A smaller D Watson is a fair comp.

Richardson is a really big, athletic guy with 4.4 speed and a great arm.
However hitting on 50% of his passes is bad. The only other 1st round QB pick I can recall doing that was Josh Allen who he does resemble some in talent.
He will take at least a year, very likely two, to develop.

For me, Young is the best immediate pick. Stroud should be better with good surrounding talent. Richardson has a through the roof ceiling but a high risk.


I would rather take Bijan and Stroud or Young than trade for aging players like CMC and Kelce . I believe In a year or 2 you will be glad you kept the 1.01 and 1.03

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