Dynasty Trade 2 QB Would You Do?

In a 10 team league that’s 2 QB PPR league that’s 6 points per game TD for QBs.

Would you do this trade:

I send:
Mike Evans
DeShaun Watson
Pick 12

Garrett Wilson
Rashod White
Pick 3

My current roster before we have to cut to 12 before the draft in August is:

QB- Pat Mahomes
QB- Deshaun Watson
RB- Tony Pollard
RB- D’Andre Swift
WR- Tyreek Hill
WR- Deebo Samuel
WR- Micheal Pittman
TE- Mark Andrews
Flex- Keenan Allen

Sam Darnold
Aaron Rodgers
Jeff Wilson
Khalil Herbert
Isaiah Pacheco
Mike Evans
Rashod Bateman

Thanks on the feedback

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The deal itself is sweet, you’re getting more value than you trade away.

My only small issue: you have a need on RB, and if the Bucs’ run game will be as atrocious this year as it was in 2022, White will not solve that problem.

Pick 3 could give you Gibbs, if at least one of the top 2 teams will go QB. Then you will only have Mahomes and Rodgers on QB, but that could work for this year.

Wilson is a massive upgrade over Evans. However, it’s an upgrade on the position that is your strongest already.

But since you can start 3 WRs (plus another 1 on FLEX), I’d still do this trade.

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I agree with @ZakHH on this one. The biggest thing you’re giving up is Watson, and I’m still not sold the Browns can become a passing team.

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Say Gibbs and Robinson go in the first two picks. Which QB do you take at 3. Richardson climbing up but he scares me. Hate the teams of the other 2

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I’d be surprised if none of the top 2 goes QB in an SFLEX league. But you know the teams in your league better than we do.

If both are stacked on QB and go RB, my choice would be between Richardson and Stroud. Richardson offers the most upside. He could become the next Jalen Hurts - or the next Trey Lance.

With Stroud, I have no issues with the team. The Texans are getting better, and Stroud could become a solid QB. He does not have as much upside as Richardson, but also carries a lot less risk.

With Young, it’s the team that scares me. Tepper’s attempt to play fantasy football in real life has sent the franchise into a downward spiral, and I don’t see them getting out of it.

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If you have a shot at ANY of the rookie QB’s, I see Richardson as the “swing for the fences” pick, and Stroud as the safe floor pick. Young is somewhere between these two.

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