Dynasty PPR trade

P. Mahomes
Jovante Williams


Deshaun Watson
Davis Mills
Antonio Gibson
2022 round 2, 7th pick

who wins? Reasonable??

No way,Watson will be suspended at some point in time,Davis Mills is average at best,Antonio Gibson know has competition from McKissic and the rookie Brian Robinson.Don’t do it

It’s impossible to evaluate such a trade without knowing the basic league settings.
Standard / half / full PPR?

However, either way, this looks like trading away top players for depth, and that’s rarely a good idea. The only scenario where this would make some sort of sense is if we’re talking SFLEX here, and Mahomes is your only QB. But even then, I’d probably not make that trade as the Mahomes owner.

Like @ZakHH asked, the question is whether it’s a one QB league or superflex? In addition to that, I’d also ask if you are looking to win this year or build for the long-term? Taking on Watson and Mills is more of a long-term play, more like 2023, although it could possibly pan out this year.

There is another aspect of risk in this trade: Mahomes is starting for the first time without Tyreek Hill. Granted, the Chiefs have added some receivers, but there is no guaranty the new guys will be able to stretch the field like Hill did. On top of that, the rest of the NFL has figured out that pressuring Mahomes can shut him down. Admittedly, not every team is capable of doing it, but at least they know how.

Also, Williams and Gibson are almost even swaps. I’m not sure Gibson can be a bellcow, and even though Williams has shown he is capable, he tends to get stuck in an RBBC in Denver, limiting his upside. Williams is undoubtedly the better RB between the two, but he has been hampered in Denver.

There is some risk in all the QB’s involved, with the greater risk in Watson/Mills outweighed by “strength in numbers”. Having two QB’s with potential upside outweighs one QB with the upside already there, although in a rebuilding offense.

If the league is two QB/superflex, then the Watson/Mills side is slightly better. In one QB, it’s a borderline wash, with the Mahomes side getting a slight edge. Overall this trade is pretty close.

1 qb league.

Ppr. Start qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, te, k, def, and 2 flex (rb, wr, or te)

Thanks for the insight.

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1 qb league.

Ppr. Start qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, te, k, def, and 2 flex (rb, wr, or te)

Thanks for the insight.