Trade for Richardson?

I drafted Burrow who has been nothing short of hot garbage.

I have been offered Richardson for either Nico or Connor (non ppr)

My other WRs are Hill Olave and Lockett
My other RBs are B.Rob Kamara Najee and J. Warren

Current QBs on my waiver are Stroud, Geno, Baker, Howell, and Stafford

Should I make the deal or should I ride the wire?

It’s a QB; never give anything of value for a QB.

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I think I agree with you AxeElf.

I’m going to put a bid out there for Stroud. What do you think 15-20%? (Currently have all $100 of FAAB)

If it was me, I’d just wait to see who cleared waivers and then pick one up for free.

If you spend a bunch on Stroud, you’re just going to have to pick up another QB here in a couple weeks for his Week 7 bye. Just pick up whoever clears waivers for Week 5–maybe Howell against the Bears on Thursday, or Stafford in a possible shootout with Philly (and Kupp back?) for Week 5, and then pick up Geno or Baker for the rest of the season after their Week 5 byes.

Are you in super flex?