Advice: Offered Herbert

Full PPR Dynasty Superflex, what do you guys think of this proposal?

Kamara and Hurts for Herbert?

Not sure which side of the trade you would be on. Anyway:

Kamara is 26. That’s the age when RBs are starting to regress. Anybody who acquires Kamara at this point should be aware that they are very likely not buying the prodcuction they saw from him in recent years. If you are not running for the title this year, it’s a good time to sell him, though. And probably no need to sell him cheap. Almost every league has at least 1 owner who is ready to pay big for big names.

Hurts is putting up great fantasy numbers, but as an NFL QB, he’s still shaky. However, he did show signs of improvement recently. Ironically, that reduced his fantasy output. If the Eagles decide he’s their guy, he should be a solid fantasy QB at least for the next few years. I still don’t fully trust him, though.

Herbert is showing strong signs of a sophomore slump. After starting the season hot, he has now posted weak performances in 3 out of 4 weeks. He absolutely does have the talent to overcome this, and hardly any QB seems to put up regular high numbers these days. It’s still worth keeping in mind. There is no reason to sell Herbert cheap, but there’s no reason to overpay for him, either.

As for the trade - all factors considered, I think it’s favorable for the person trading Herbert away.

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