Overpaying for Studs?

In an auction league I came away with Lamar, Herbert, and Richardson.

Thought about going after a few studs to QB needy teams. One team is particularly lean at RB.

Is it unwise to offer say, Lamar/McLaurin/Dillon for a Chase, Devonte Adams type? Maybe have them throw in a guy with upside?

It is very difficult to get people to trade studs I know.

If it’s not a very large league or a Superflex/2 QB league, all those extra QBs aren’t really going to be all that valuable–and if it is, you don’t really have any extra QBs.

Very true. I kind of fell into them. Herbert was my starter for $15 but I got Lamar for $6 and RIchardson for $1 when I nominated him and no one bid, LOL.

I suppose I can drop Richardson and keep one as insurance.

Yeah, hold Herbert and Lamar; one of them could well be worth SOMETHING (to the guy whose QB goes down in Week 1 - heh)–I just wouldn’t expect to get Najee Harris for one of them or anything. Maybe Diontae Johnson.