Lance/Pitts/Chase which one?

Dynasty league and I have pick 5.

I figure all 3 of them are going to be there as we already know in our league that Lawerence is going 1, Harris is going 2, Fields most likely 3 and Travis E 4.

It’s a 2 QB league:
My roster is
QB- Russ Wilson
QB- Aaron Rodgers
RB- Zeke
RB- Aaron Jones
WR- D. Adam’s
WR- K. Allen
WR- R. Woods
TE- Mark Andrews

Darrell Henderson
Chase Edmonds
IR- Mike Thomas.

I know I need a 3rd QB but my thought is I could get one in the second round. Or should I take Lance if there.

This is a short bench league so hard to hang on to people who aren’t playing right away.

My thoughts is I could take Pitts and play in the flex when needed and have my bye week TE because I also have andrews.

Or do I take Chase who’s being projected as a stud from the start.

Would love some input

There are some dynasty picks you don’t walk away from. Pitts is one of those picks. Andrews is a nice TE, but Pitts is an all-timer.

Chase is another one, but you already have a solid WR corps. Improving your TE to all world status is where you want to go now.

You can always add another QB. I wouldn’t worry about it. Plus you have some solid ones.

I would not go with the quarterback, I think Rodgers is going to be a must-start every week but his bye, so you are taking a player that you probably will need only one time per season. I think you will have a chance to take a quarterback later.

Pitts and Chase are both great options, I really like Pitts, because I think he has more potential to be a generational player and he is going to be a guy that sees 7-9 targets per game and a great red zone threat. The advantage to Chase is his quarterback is younger and what is the Falcons offense going to look like if they move on from Matt Ryan after this year. I’d still lean Pitts, he should be an instant fantasy star. Good luck