Trading Mahomes

Thinking about trading Mahomes in my dynasty league. I see the QBs and almost interchangeable this year and I need WR help. The picks will definitely help next year. Thoughts?

That’s a strong offer for Mahomes. Even in a keeper league, I’d be tempted to accept it. In redraft formats, it’s a no-brainer.

Edit: you wrote it’s a dynasty league. Still a good offer. The only thing to keep in mind about Stafford is that he has an injury history involving his back. It doesn’t seem to limit him in any way, but there is a certain risk a new injury could end his career.

But Stafford + Woods + three 1st round picks is still a very good price, even in dynasty. I have Mahomes myself, and I would definitely consider that offer.

If I’m the Stafford guy, there is NO way I would do this. You are set for a few more years PLUS you have 3 firsts as currency.

BUT…If Im the Mahomes guy…I float this deal all day