Trading first round draft picks

Been offered this trade in 12 team 10 keeper league. I give up #1 overall and receive #3 and 7 in first round. Guarantees no Bijan or Gibbs as RB goes quickly with this league. Curious about opinions. Thanks

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No way in hell. 3rd pick and later are 5th round values or worse.

Thanks for insight- my gut feeling was going that way but wanted another opinion

Not even worth considering.

Depends on what you already have. If you have good RB’s, you can afford to make this deal. If not, you can’t. That simple.

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If you could get into a decent young RB like Pierce, along with that #3 then grab NJigba there. I’d be all over that like a LiL munchkin that found a whole cracker. :blush:


What’s your opinion/strategy on trading draft picks. I’ve got 1.02 in a 12 team PPR. I optimally wanna come out of round 2 with 2 solid WR1. I’m waiting on RBs cuz I see a lot of value in Conner And James Cool later on

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Redraft? Team needs? Trades depend on a lot of “stuff.” lol

Redraft. I definitely wanna keep the 1.02 pick to get an elite WR combo

Team my be better with a RB. Don’t know.

Welcome aboard!

If you want an elite WR, you’ll need that 1.02. For your second WR, you may have to shoot for a high upside WR, and hope for the best.