Draft pick trade

I’m in a 3 keeper, standard league. We have 1RB 2 WR and a RB/WR flex. My keepers are Davante Adams, Keenan Allen, and CEH and they take the place of 1st,2nd,3rd round picks. I have the 3rd (Round 4.3) overall pick and have the opportunity to trade into the first overall pick for my 3rd overall and a 9th rounder. Top players available are Lamb, A Rob, Najee, Cooper etc. Is it worth it to trade up to grab Najee or do I stay put?

It depends on what you have to give up to trade up? Also, what other RB’s are available?

I’d have to give up my 3rd overall and a 9th round pick in return for 1sr overall. Other RBs available are Montgomery, Carson, Jacobs, Robinson.

Looks like Najee is your best shot at a legitimate RB1 (Carson could be a low-end RB1 in an emergency), so if all you have to give up is a 9th-rounder to get Najee, I’d do it.


Agree with AxeElf. Najee is one of the best potential keeper RB’s available.

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