Drop which RB for kicker?

Yahoo lets you waive players from your bench even after they’ve played, so I waited to decidewho to waive if I need a kicker Monday night to win. I have seven running backs - on the bench is Dameon Pierce, D Henderson, Michael Carter and Myles Sanders. Who would you waive if it meant getting a win this week?

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Probly Dameon Pierce.

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I would choose Sanders here. He had a great first week…against the Lions. The problem with Sanders is he doesn’t get many TD’s normally (only 6 each of the last 2 seasons). And let’s face it: The lead RB in Philly is Jalen Hurts.

Why not Pierce? He was playing against Indy, which has a solid run defense. He could potentially have better games later as the lead RB in Houston. I would hold onto Pierce for now.

Tuff call. Henderson and Saunders appear to be feature backs for now Carter was a RB3/low end RB2 last year as a Lone Ranger, now splits with Hall. Pierce will emerge at some point as a feature back on a bad team.

Keeper or Dynasty I would say Carter, otherwise Pierce.

That was part of the problem; the other part is that Burkhead got 14 carries to Pierce’s 11 (and 8 targets to Pierce’s 1).