Thinking of dropping Pierce

I’m in a 12 man league. 3rds max. I have Pierce, Walker III, and Foreman. Thinking I should drop Pierce as teams seem to be locking him down and a tough schedule ahead. Thinking picking up White or Pacheco. Leaning towards Pacheco. What do you guys think?

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Welcome aboard!

Don’t pick up Pacheco. The Chiefs just added Melvin Gordon. He may just be insurance, or KC might be making an RBBC with him. Even if Pacheco remains the featured back, It’s hard to say he’ll see significant upside since KC tends to pass more, unless this league is PPR? Eve if it is, Mahomes doesn’t throw a lot of dump-offs.

With White, the risk is Leonard Fournette returning to a starting role after he gets healthy, although White has been doing well as the lead back.

On the other hand, if you make it to the championship, Pierce’s week 17 against Jacksonville looks like a league-winning possibility. He put up 20 PPR points against them earlier this year.

Regardless of what you decide between Pierce, Pacheco, and White, I would probably lean more on Walker and Foreman going forward. But having Pierce in my back pocket seems like the upside play.

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