Drop Jaleel/Mattison for Henderson?

Full PPR league…I have a couple of RBs who I am not sure of…drop Jaleel/Mattison for Henderson?? If yes how much FAAB??

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No. Henderson is back on the taxi squad this week.

Well do you think Mattison/Jaleel are going to do any better??

Reports have Henderson coming back and just a roster move.

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Probly not Mattison, but Jaleel is expendable, even for a 3-week rental like Henderson.

One just has to question the legitimacy of a league in which Henderson is still on the waiver wire.

Well we play in a 10 team league…and our waivers run Wednesday… Anyways i got outbid and someone else picked Henderson up. and dropped Roschon Johnson

The Rams are as eff’d up as the 49ers as far as who is starting. They’ll win for you or lose for you. Toss a coin.

I would pick up Rochon.