Drop JuJu for Waller?

10 team PPR league. Someone dropped Darren Waller on waivers…I am tempted to drop Juju Schuster from the list below for Waller…is it worth??

We have one Flex spot for RB/WR/TE…so no dedicated TE spot.


Hall is the only one to consider. Other than him I would drop them all for him.

Do you have Dalvin Cook and want to keep Mattison as a handcuff? If not drop him. If yes, drop Edmonds.

I wouldn’t drop JuJu yet. While the Chiefs do pass the ball around a lot (as I had expected), JuJu does see a healthy snap share. I’d give him 2-3 more weeks, to see how the pass share will develop.

As for Waller, there’s no harm in picking him up. But in a league without a dedicated TE spot, he’s only #27 in a combined WR/TE PPR ranking. There’s also no guarantee that he will regularly see more targets than Renfrow, though I would expect him to score more TDs.

Following is my roster:


and Pittman is on the IR spot due to injury…I am 0-2 now…lost to very high scoring teams. The RBs are so thin this time on waivers so I am wary dropping them. Tough decision…am thinking of letting Carr go then for a high end TE??

Allen has an early week 7 BYE. So if you drop Carr, you will have to free up a roster spot in 4 weeks to claim a BYE week replacement for your starting QB.

The target counts for your candidates:
Lamb - 22
Samuel - 20
Renfrow - 16
Waller - 14
JuJu - 11
Robinson - 7

So if you want to add Waller and not cut an RB, you either have to drop Carr, JuJu or Allen Robinson. Both JuJu and ARob have room for improvement, whereas Waller isn’t likely to see more than 8 targets per game on average.

So proceed at your own risk.

I probly wouldn’t worry about a TE in a league where TEs are not required, but of even less use is a 2nd QB in a league like this. If you really must acquire Waller, Carr is the obvious drop.

Thanks guys for the advice! I thought of dropping Carr as he has a bye week 6 so even if I drop him I can scoop him up then.

Unless Allen gets hurt, the only week you’ll need a different QB is Allen’s bye week.

Why are you keeping Robinson? He’s washed up. Juju has some potential value at least (although I’d be scanning the waiver wires for his replacement)…

Drop Robinson and grab Waller.

Disregard, I was looking at the wrong Robinson. :clown_face:

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Maybe the fact that Robinson is filling a role that produced the WR11 in fantasy last year has something to do with it.

I dropped JuJu and picked up Waller…I wanted to wait on A Rob. He was much more involved than week 1…


Would’ve been SO much easier if he had Derrick Henry on his team. Easy drop!

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