Drop J Cook, pick up J Rob

In an 8-team league, 2 flex spots, already loaded at RB. J-Robinson is available, have J. Cook on the bench. Drop Cook, pick up J-Rob? Won’t be starting either anyway, and again, loaded at RB, so figured it was worth the shot.

For the near future, Robinson should have more value than James Cook, who will now have to fight an uphill battle out of the dog house after making his great entrance on the NFL stage by fumbling the ball.

Mid-term, the tide can change again, if ETN turns out to be the clear RB1 in Jacksonville and Cook regains the trust of his OC. But right here, right now, Robinson looks like the better option.

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Over reaction never won anything. A bit of time is called for.

Robinson is the better choice, but neither is really startable, and both are barely rosterable.

It worked well for Kareem Hunt when he fumbled away his first carry for the Chiefs during their Thursday night season opener.