James cook worth stashing?

Is he worth picking up

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In a 16 team league that starts 3 RBs, maybe.

I believe he is and would like to do it myself but there is no space at the inn for him.
In my view he is the most talented RB in Buff and should be in the top spot by the second half. He did flash last week with 50 yards.

He “flashed” with 11 carries after all the starters came out in the 3rd quarter. 1 of those carries went for 33 yards, the other 10 went for 20 yards combined. He failed to catch his only target.

Welcome aboard!

Unless this is a dynasty league, the answer is definitively NO! Even in dynasty, I’m not crazy about him, but at least I understand the love for him. He has potential, admittedly.

He got drafted to the wrong team. Behind Singletary and Moss, there’s no room for Cook. He’ll get some opportunities due to injuries and just resting players, but other than that, he’s riding the bench. Unless you have a super deep redraft league, look away from this one.