Playoff Start Sit Help NEEDED

Need to choose 1 RB to start this week in the playoffs. .5 PPR

  • Fournette
  • J. Cook
  • A. Gibson
  • Cam Akers

Also need help on what defense to pickup and start.


None of the RB options inspires a lot of confidence. We have similar discussions in another thread right now, and the surprising result was that Cam Akers could be an option. Of course, it’s extremely hard to trust him, but his matchup is good.

If you don’t trust him (and I won’t blame you), and expect James Cook to repeat his week 13 performance, rather than his week 14 one, he promises some upside. His matchup is so-so, and personally, I don’t trust him either. So he’s a risky choice as well.

But Lenny could take a backseat to Rachaad White, and Gibson will take a backseat to Brian Robinson. So it’s not like they are sexy options either.

This seems to be the week of extremely hard RB decisions.

Your D conundrum is easier - the Packers have by far the best matchup from that lot .They won’t be usable beyond this week, though. But neither is the rest.

Good luck!

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