Dobbins over Etienne or Pacheco

I don’t why I’m doing this because the back and forth is killing me.

Does anybody see a reason why I should start Dobbins over Pacheco or Etienne?

No Lamar to steal touches. Soft Cleveland’ run D. No Huntley. I’m not sure how they will actually move the ball other than a 1 -2 of Edwards and Dobbins

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This is part of the correct answer. Now for the rest…

Etienne is easily the best RB of the three, but he also has the biggest nightmare this week in the Dallas defense. As we’ve seen this year, Etienne’s floor is brutally low.

While Pacheco has a great matchup in Houston, he also isn’t nearly as efficient with his touches as Dobbins, who has an equally great matchup.

Go with the guy in the run-first offense. Take Dobbins.

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Here’s the real story on the Dallas run D. Pierce who had been horrible the prior few weeks got just under 12, same with J Tayor, etc The only RB they held under double points was Cook who had over 70 yds on 11 carries. Hardly a nightmare.

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7 points isn’t a nightmare? Keep believing that…

Out of context nonsense yet again. I know you think it makes you look smart and clever but, it really does not, quite the opposite.

You read the entire post and saw the chart backing it up where 4 of the last 5 score double digits but ignore that to pick on a sentence. Kinda sad.

I was merely using the points you made. Why don’t you try making points that back up your argument next time?

LOL and did that. You used 1 of 5 points to try and make yourself look good, didn’t work.

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Back to football!

Very interesting to take a closer look at the Houston run D. They gave up big points to RBs but they were based on RB TDs not yards and Pacheco has not scored TDs.

Dobbins for me out of those options…

“Nuh uh” is not valid argumentation. You’re sounding more and more like Elfie every day.